Who is This Book For?

This book is for young adults primarily who are looking for an understanding of life that makes sense and that can guide them to live well.

Having said that, this book covers various subject areas as it traverses the question of how to live well. Anyone who is depressed and looking for a way to get out of that rut will benefit fromt he tools conveyed within it. If you want to understand the optimal path in life better this book will give you a good basis for doing so. People who want to understand other people better. In understanding the 16 archetypes you will understand yourself better. People who want to understand their place in the universe will get a good understanding of this through the 8 divine attributes that we share with that which we call God.

People who want to understand the best way to engage common problems in life such as, lying  killing, stealing and racism will find the key reasons for why not to do these things and how they effect others in life. If you are intrigued by the true meaning of being god fearing this book will show you how this common idea has two very different but adjacent interpretations . People intrigued by the true story of God and our connection to that which describes God. People looking to understand love better will find a comprehensive overview of the components of love and how to engage it successfully. People looking to optimise their relationships.

Author, E. M. Forbang

Horizonic Ideas

The meaning of Horizon is as far as the eye can see. When an idea is Horizonic it is an idea that will last for the foreseeable future. These ideas solve problems in a way that creates more benefits for people who use them and . Horizon is full of such ideas. Reverse Curfew and Monygamy are two such ideas.


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