About Monygamy

Since the beginning of time humans have struggled to find a way to engage in relationships that encapsulate their inclination to connect with others grow and help others grow and have strong wise children whilst providing a structure that facilitates their natural promiscuity.

What is Monygamy?

In the book Horizon Spirit Journal  I describe, in detail, a system that does this better than any other, this system is called Monygamy and is, simply put 'part time polygamy' with a temporary agreement of say 3 months recurring at the same time of the year each year for however many years you choose, this allows people to really get to know each other before they commit long term.

The purpose of Monygamy is to optimise people's relationships with a more dynamic structure that promotes growth and joy. A Monygamic Agreement gives you the freedom of variation of a medium term relationship agreements, whilst establishing a structure that provides you with the security and time to find The One for £19.

As an alternative relationship structure there are many benefits.


The Benefits Of Monygamy

Finding 'The One'

The fastest way to find your Monogamic one if you so choose.


A balanced lifestyle that reduces anxiety and makes it easy to be happy.


No pressure to stay beyond the end of the agreement.

Promotes Sexual Health

Monygamy allows for sexual variation in a safe way.


More varied, relationships given you like more than one person.

Relationship security

Monygamy's supportive structure, reduces heartbreak if you break up

Encouragement to grow

Monygamy encourages growth with it's structure by forcing you to show you are better than the other options available assuming you want to use it to find your monogamic one.

Time to yourself

Time to recharge and focus on what you want and appreciate the relationship.

Social Connectivity

A naturally expanding and reaching social network rather than the closed system of monogamy or even polygamy.


With other partners there to support you through a break up you or your partner are less likely to remain in a destructive, co-dependent relationship.


We also provide agreements that allow you to have multiple partners simultaneously protecting your time investment with a release clause from £169.

This means that you are both committed for the term of the agreement.

With legal fees for prenuptial agreements at a costly high of up to £3000, we provide a more realistic and dynamic option to provide relationship security, by pioneering this revolutionary relationship structure.