Reverse Curfew



Discover how to save time and money on child care by engaging in Reverse Curfew, a system that provides parents with the help they need to connect with their community and find like minded parents in order to free up three Saturdays out of 4 weeks and improve the quality of the lives of themselves and their children.

For a fraction of the cost of childcare at £50 a month compared with £270 on average for the same service elsewhere. That's a massive saving of £220 if you currently rely on child care or your children.

Reverse Curfew provides childcare you can rely on, saving you time and money.


How It Works


You will need one Saturday a month where you will be available to care for a group of 4 to 8 children aged 8 to 12 or a guest house for 4 to 8 children aged 13 to 16 depending on the age of your child. Our team will make visits to ensure that each child is safe in the hands of the other parents when their turn comes around.


Make your purchase on this page.


We will then send you the application form.


Once you have completed this we will connect you with a group of like minded parents within 2 weeks of you completing your application form and signing your contract for the period committed to of 1 to 3 months.


At this stage we will introduce you to each other let you know the start date of your reverse curfew and your reverse curfew can begin


There are several benefits:

Gives parents some time off

By leveraging the power of community safely you can save both money and time.

Discourages time out at night.

As a parent you don't want your child out at night. Reverse Curfew ensures that you can get the extra time you need, without compromising on the safety of your child.

Encourages productivity

When you're out of the house in a social setting many people find it easier to get work done, make connections or just have more fun, with the connectivity that Reverse Curfew provides.

Improves community cohesion.

By connecting you with other parents who are likeminded and have their children's best interests at heart and who whilst they need some extra time to themselves love caring for children. Your social network expands too.

Encourages collaboration

We all know that some of the best ideas come to us when we collaborate. By internalizing this habit from a young age your child is more likely to have a bright future.

Encourages social contact

Socialising is a key part of your child's development by pushing them to do so in safe way you are giving them a better chance of a bright future as they will be better able to speak for themselves, make friends and maintain relationships in the future.
With all of these benefits, Reverse Curfew is sure to make your life that bit easier giving you more time and easing the weight of child care costs and making your children more adept socially.