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FIELD Summer Parties

FIELD Summer Parties




Whatsapp 07460597546 to get the location

Only 10 FREE tickets available with code '2NDLOVE'

Otherwise £19.90 to get the secret address

There will be FREE non alcoholic drinks and music.

We all know that alcohol is one of the favourite highs and biggest killers in society. I would like to present an alternative to this as a way to get into a social mood.

With the power of cosmic vibrations I have developed a way to enjoy a crazy fun evening out without getting intoxicated, instead engaging in what I call aligning to cosmic vibrations. This natural way to get high without alcohol or drugs can be done at any time of the day within a few minutes and has many benefits. See there are 10 basic vibrations for our first 10 action taking states of mind... 

  1. Gnat for synergetic action
  2. Snake for evasion
  3. Reptile for connection
  4. Lover for teaching
  5. Warrior for opposed action
  6. Magician for expression
  7. Priest for observation and analysis
  8. King for decision making
  9. Wizard for invention
  10. Warlock for architecture

We will be chanting our way from the energy of the wizard where many people spend their working week to the energy of the Reptile, the energy of vibing connection before getting down to party.

I believe this system will change society for the better in many ways. 

  1. People will have less disease related to alcohol, people will come together more often without alcohol, 
  2. We will have a culture of meditation and so more self connected flowing humans
  3. We will have more confident people in society used to bellowing and speaking publicly.
  4.  Society will be more connected because these events are for everyone so you will have a warmer community
  5. The next generation will be healthier.
  6. You will more fully experience and be connected to the energies in the universe that are beyond the material.
  7. You will feel more connected to everyone at the event because of the chanting. 
  8. You will feel more connected to our ancestors and nature who share in these energies.


So here’s the process.

Firstly greet everyone 

We do this because at events often we don’t greet everyone, this means that not everyone feels welcome or safe to then approach everyone in the future so we do this mandatorily to ensure everyone knows verbally, energetically and actually that they are welcome to speak with and engage with anyone there as long as they are received well.


Secondly 2 minute Meditation

This is for three reasons, to connect us with and remind us of our gratitude for our past and nature and to inspire hope for the future as well generate a feeling of togetherness and equality.


Thirdly make us laugh, smile or say WOW in 30 seconds

This really could be anything that causes you to connect with yourself so that you can PERFORM. Originally in the summer version this was on the agenda as a communal cold shower but that doesn't work in every setting. Trying to make us laugh with a short story, weird dance or funny face shows the group a bit of who you are, and especially if you fail, will inspire a sense of empathy and intimacy among the group so give it your best go.


Fourthly Communal Chanting 20-30 minutes

The chanting is the apex of the process. This is what decides what the FIELD is for.

Is it for study? Then go from Gnat to Priest ready to observe and understand patterns, 

Want to wake up ready for the day? Go from Gnat to Warrior or Wizard ready to take intense action. 

Want to party?! Go from Wizard to Reptile!

By chanting we change our energy and demeanour, so that we find it easier to engage in the action that we want to engage in at that moment. By chanting we also create a sense of togetherness, shared energy and experience. This effect could also be achieved by singing along to a song with the right energy but the full effect is best when you have a skilled chant leader or Bellow because that reflects the energy of the moment. However a skilled Bellow should remove any uncertainty and to clarity in the chant and therefore joy in the moment.


Fifthly Speeches/ Open Stage

I would allow 20 minutes for 15 speeches off the cuff about something the person is passionate about and with their choice of music in the background.

This allows people a chance to present who they are and allows other people who aren’t speaking an opportunity to see who they might connect with on the night and why. Whether that be a romantic, personal or business related reason. This will also help people with less confidence to develop this aspect of their personality, so I would prioritise less confident people by asking everyone who would say they’re a confident person then asking 5 people who don’t identify themselves to speak. This is particularly pertinent in a party situation.


Then finally Party!

In a party FIELD situation hand out drinks, turn up the music and let the good vibes reverberate amongst the crowd.


Only 10 FREE tickets available with code '2NDLOVE'

Otherwise £19.90 to get the secret address and dress code.

There will be FREE non alcoholic drinks and music

Until then take care and I look forward to meeting you,
It's going to be alot of fun!
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