A Dynamic Book For Changing Times

The Benefits Of Reading Horizon: Spirit Journal

Tools for overcoming depression.

Tools for maintaining a healthy psychology.

Understanding your place in the universe and the true story of God.

Understanding a new method of military engagement that promises to end war for good.

And many more...

Why I Started This Book.

I started this book because I myself was going through depression and needed a way out. So I considered what was getting me down and realised that the key factors were resentment and insecurity in social situations and so I started writing down, lessons, or what I call motivo or motivated opportuned lessons. These are key to traversing recurring problems in life and are different from lessons in that they are particularly relevant to any one individual. 

Developing Congruence

By asking the right questions, am I suffering or creating suffering for others, then retracing my steps I was able to then develop my congruence and clarity of thought rather than being false and anxious. The power of congruence is the difference between taking right action and enjoying the desired result and taking incorrect action and failing to meet the standard that nature has set for survival, living and thriving in a particular habitat.

Universal Alignment

The bigger picture though is that there is a particular set of objectives of the universe at large or atleast of being on Earth which I call triple joy objectives these include synergy, joy and cedepress (taking action towards optimal joy for society) or in other words growth I believe that in life, you are ideally trying to ensure that you are living in alignment to these objectives in order that you have an optimally enjoyable life that maintains synergy and improves the likelihood of eternal joy in the future too by taking right action. 

Integrating The Shadow

Moving forward once you have integrated what I would call the shadow; everything that you have not integrated into your character that your habitat demands of you, living in truth is underlined by the need to be congruent. To be honest about what you want, what you did and what you are going to do in order to maintain your relationship with your self, other people and your environment. 

The Importance Of Alignment

Truth and honouring of the truth maintains your congruence and you are then in synergy with your environment and that leaves joy and cedepress. In order to then move forward making progress as a contributor to society by being aligned. There are several alignments I discovered in joy which is met by being congruently self loving, time which is met by being on time and following your schedule, skill which fulfils you as an individual and makes you valuable to other people and friendship which allows you to share the joy you have developed yourself makes the next step more viable in taking on an objective that is beneficial to society which aligns you to being cedepressial.

This culminated in the realisation that there is a particular power in integrating these alignments into my life and becoming what I call Triple CAO, because when you engage in being Triple CAO you are not only aligned to universal objectives you are aligned to your best self or cedepressor and that is priceless. You will then have a momentum behind everything you do which makes it feel good, do good and make life better in the future.

Horizonic Ideas

The meaning of Horizon is as far as the eye can see. When an idea is Horizonic it is an idea that will last for the foreseeable future. These ideas solve problems in a way that creates more benefits for the users. Horizon is full of such ideas. Monygamy and Reverse Curfew are two such ideas.


Reverse Curfew makes lower child care costs and extra time possible. 

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Monygamy is a new kind of relationship structure which saves time, provides structure to those dating more than one person, supports you if a relationship doesn't work out, supports safe sexual health practises, allows for variation given you like more than one person.

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