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Monygamic Card (Business Card Size)

Monygamic Card (Business Card Size)

If you're dating multiple people, or are a single person who is looking for a way to quickly and effectively find true love then a Monygamic card might be for you. 

How It Works

Basically instead of dating multiple people at the same time what you would do instead is date one person per season of the year.

one person from January to March,
one person from April to June,
one person from July to September and
one person from October to December.

The Monygamy Card helps you to remember this so you can keep it on you and when you meet someone you think you would like to get more serious with, without getting too serious yet, you can ask them to write their name in the space provided, confirming your Season together.

This card also makes dating multiple people safer as it acts as a prompt to remind you to go to a sexual health clinic to get tested between each season.

Why buy a Monygamy card?

The Benefits Of Monygamy or part time polygamy include:

Finding 'The One'
The fastest way to find your Monogamic one
Rather than inefficiently dating several people at once.
A balanced lifestyle that reduces anxiety and makes it easy to be happy.
The dynamic structure leaving no one hanging without a partner and therefore encouraging self expression regardless of our own needs to fulfil our partners needs because we have taken care of our own needs without the other person.

A Monygamic card makes organising time with multiple partners quick and easy.

Monygamy's structure, supports you if you break up with someone.
Rather than wallowing in misery you can move on more quickly as you will have one or more partners to console you.

Time to yourself
Time to recharge and focus on what you want.
If you choose you can have 3 months to your self too allowing you to recharge if you're naturally an introvert.  
No pressure to stay beyond the end of the agreement.
A clear beginning and end to your relationships that considers the possibility of  you growing apart even if you get on well now, whilst maintaining Monogamy as an option.
More varied, relationships given you like more than one person.
For those who like having multiple partners you can do so with clarity and certainty, focusing on one person at a time for a deeper, more intimate experience of them. 

Promotes Sexual Health
Monygamy allows for sexual variation in a safe way.
We recommend testing your sexual health between each Monygamic season In January, April, July and October.
Encouragement to grow
Monygamy encourages growth.
Unlike having one partner Monygamy doesn't allow for you to get comfortable in bad habits and comfort food but encourages your growth given the interconnected sorting hat it is.

Having decided on a special person you want to experience, with more commitment and intimacy, decide on how long you want to commit to them for and order your Monygamic Agreement below

In this loving spirit Monygamy is proud to also support the charity SHELTER who provide help to prevent homelessness.

Your Monygamic agreement will articulate, clearly and specifically but succinctly what you like about about them and how you see your relationship making a positive impact for each other and the world. By having this in place it helps secures your relationship with your partner so that the purpose of synergy, growth and joy are taken seriously by both people. 

On delivery you will get:
1 x Monygamic Cards per number years ordered
1 x Explainer Letters total 

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